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Now is the time to update your Model Homes and give them a NEW fresh look for 2012. The three hottest trends in homes this year are: Pre-WWII Styling such as Victorians, Arts & Crafts, and Colonials - almost any type of architecture with Old-World style, charm, and character; Mid-Century modern homes with geometric shapes and open floor plans; and Mediterranean homes that incorporate Spanish or Italian details. Our Italian Collection line of hardware is the answer. Prospective homebuyers can not always pin point what draws them to a specific home or why one over another feels "just right". Our Italian Collection’s unique styling offers simple elegance with a timeless appearance. Call your Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department at 1-800-952-4430 and find out how you can take advantage of our fantastic Model Home Programs for 2012.

Deadbolt SECURITY. Digital CONVENIENCE. Our PRIVEX KP200 Digital Deadbolt is easy to install and can replace any conventional deadbolt. Each Deadbolt features two types of Keyless Entry Access: Keyless Entry using a passcode & each Deadbolt also comes with two Remote Controls. If you’re still hiding a key under the front mat, it’s time to consider the security and convenience of Digital Deadbolts. The KP200 is easy to program and can support up to six different user codes. Call us today and ask about our KP200 Stocking Dealer Promotion.